Although we love organize TweetUps around the Pittsburgh area, we don’t have to be the only ones to do so. We encourage others to become involved in the organization process. If you’d like to plan your own event and once the details are settled, we’d be happy to post it on our site and event calendar.

If you’ve never planned a TweetUp before, we’d like to offer a few tips for you! Be sure to go through this checklist to cover most of the basics:

Visit Your Venue

The most important thing other than getting attendees to your TweetUp, is choosing the right venue. Be sure to visit and contact the venue of choice before the event. Let the staff know who you are and what you’re trying to organize.

Use Your Network

When it is time to promote your TweetUp, be sure to use your network to spread the word! Networks and accounts that will help you in the process can be Facebook friends Twitter followers, and Email Newsletter lists. Also, don’t forget to invite people in-person. While we all love technology, nothing beats and in-person invite.

Plan for Higher Attendance Numbers

If you’re using an RSVP system for your event, you’ll likely have a fairly good idea on how many will be attending your TweetUp. However, there will always be friends of friends that will show up unannounced at your event.

Be Outgoing

As an organizer, your responsibilities do not end at the start of each event. Be sure to be friendly and outgoing during the entire TweetUp! Since you are the face of the event, you need to make sure things go smoothly while speaking to your attendees.

Name Tags & Pens

Last, but not least, do not forget the name tags and pens! When you break down TweetUps to the core, they serve as a fantastic casual networking event. You can tone down the initial wave of awkwardness by allowing people to display their name from the start.


Optional ideas to consider


Where is the food?

In our experience, working with the venue to provide food for the attendees will produce bigger crowds. Serving small appetizers requires a bit more time and energy in the planning process, but will pay off in the end.

Working with Wi-Fi

Check to see if the location you’ve chosen can provide a Wi-Fi option for your attendees. Given the fact that most of the attendees will likely be tech savvy, they might need to rely on a Wi-Fi connection during the event.

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